Enjoy Life’s
Drinkable Moments

You can see our passion for simplicity in our clear glass bottle. And you can see it in our ingredients. Organic fruit. Organic spices. With just a touch of sweetness.

wild poppy

Gold rushes come and go in California, but farming is our heritage. Born in these fertile soils is Wild Poppy. We’re a beverage company committed to supporting sustainable organic farming.

All our drinks get their flavor from real organic fruit. We’ve found that when you use just a few great ingredients, the taste is surprisingly fresh and delicious. And that’s really what Wild Poppy drinks are all about… taste.

Don’t your taste buds deserve a little liquid goodness?

"Wild Poppy is popping up like wild flowers in gourmet shops, cafes, restaurants, and food retail locations around the country."


Wild Poppy Grapefruit Ginger, Blood Orange Chill, and Peppermint Lemonade bottles surrounded by grapefruit, blood orange, and lemons.