Life on Earth, Inc. is an innovative brand marketing and accelerator, with an incubator and distribution platform focused on building and scaling concepts in the all-natural consumer products category with a focus on healthier and better for you beverages and snacks as well as non-consumable household products.

Our mission is to bring our strategic focus and long-term progressive vision to consumers in the health, wellness and active lifestyle spaces through superior branding, product quality, targeted acquisitions and retail experience.

Further, Life on Earth, Inc. remains committed to aggressive growth, fueled by acquisition(s) of existing and proven consumer brands, while focusing on new and emerging products that have an enhanced presence within the U.S.

Officially relaunched in Q1 2018, Life on Earth Inc. represents a demonstrated understanding of the consumer beverage and snack industry paired with a commitment to the principles of lean (as modeled by successful startups).

We have established two primary organizational divisions to achieve this:

  1. Consumer Products Division is responsible for beverages brands such as Victoria’s Kitchen (VK), Life on Earth Teas (LOE), GRAN NEVADA Mio Juices and Horchatas, as well as future Snacks. The Distribution Division will manage the Logistics for both the East and West Coasts.
  2. Consumer Household Products Division is responsible for researching, engaging and identifying emerging opportunities in the consumables and non-consumable sectors with an emphasis on environmentally friendly and socially conscience products.

These divisions will enable Life on Earth, Inc. to closely examine the consumer, distributor, retailer and investor preferences that are necessary to achieve our vision for a healthier future. 

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