Our Story

Life on Earth, Inc. (OTCQB:LFER) has built a platform
focused on accelerating the growth of our brands and
operations. Innovation, brand marketing and acceleration is
our goal, building and scaling concepts in the cannabis

Our mission is to bring our strategic focus and long-term
progressive vision to consumers in the health, wellness and
active lifestyle spaces through superior branding, product
quality, targeted acquisitions and retail experience.

Further, Life on Earth, Inc. remains committed to aggressive
growth, fueled by acquisition(s) of existing and proven
operations, while focusing on new and emerging products
that have an enhanced presence within the U.S.

Officially relaunched in Q1 2018, Life on Earth, Inc.
represents a demonstrated understanding of the CPG industry,
paired with a commitment to the principles of lean (as
modeled by successful startups).

Life On Earth, Inc. is looking forward to building successful
operations in 2019 by focusing on various initiatives including
innovation, opening up new direct to consumer channels, as
well as increased capital market activities.
We are committed to becoming a leading cannabis company,
attracting outstanding new operations in the market and
delivering maximum shareholder value to our investors.